Asis Quals (2018): Baby_C

In this challenge we were given a binary written in C and is protected by Movfuscator. When we run the Binary it gives the outupt as either Wrong! or Correct :). Now we load the code into IDA Pro and we see that there are lots of mov instructions, this is because the binary is... Continue Reading →

Difference Between a Packer, Crypter and Protector

In this blog post we will try to explain the terms packers, crypters and protectors. Although no specific definition has been given for these as their properties might overlap in some cases and might have some exceptions. But we will try to keep it simple. A common confusion that most of those who are new... Continue Reading →

Classification of Malware

What is a Malware? To put simply any piece of code that is written with an intent of harming others is termed as a Malware. Virus, Trojan, Worms, Adware etc are all different types of Malware. According AV test statistics there are more than 800,000,000 (700 Million) malware and are increasing at a very fast... Continue Reading →

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